Yanbaru Vegetable Vegan Cafe “Cafe Kokuu / Nakijin, Okinawa

When I drived to Cafe Kokuu for first time, I got a bit nervous on the way to get there.

Because I had to drive in the wild jungle mountain path and my daughter kept asking me “Are we O.K.”.

My daughter and I screamed with joy when we finally got there:)

We were happier when we looked the wide opened great ocean view from the windows!

We sat on the tatami mat and had a lunch in viewing the nice scenery.

  • Kokuu Plate 1200 yen

They use fresh, natural, organic and local vegetables.

You can choose rice, white rice or enzyme brown rice (Koso genmai) +100 yen.

  • Kids Plate 600 yen

There are table seat too.

If you are not used to sit on the tatami mat, I recommend you to ask them for the table seats when you make a reservation.

They had looks-yummy raw, gluten-free and vegan sweets that tempted me so much.

I will definitely try some next time!

Name : Cafe Kokuu
Address : (Nakijin Sunshine City) 2031-138 Shoshi Nakijin-son Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Phone : 0980-56-1321
Website : http://miyupapa2.ti-da.net/
Okinawa Hai(Eng) : https://okinawahai.com/cafe-kokuu/
Hitosara : https://hitosara.com/0006057204/
Website : http://miyupapa2.ti-da.net/
Okinawa Clip YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkjBg0nFqgY
Vegan / No Smoking / Ocean View / Free Parking



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