Vegan and Non Vegan Happy Together “Rocker’s Cafe” / Chatan, Okinawa

“Rocker’s Cafe” is one of my favorite cafe in Okinawa.

On the fine day you can enjoy the ocean view from the terrace.

Unfortunately, every time I visited “Rocker’s Cafe”, it was raining or windy and the terrace was covered with sheets.

  • Rockers Original Vegan Taco Meat Burrito 1280 yen (with Today’s Soup and French Fries)

No MSG(monosodium glutamate) are added.

There are choices of Jerk chicken and fried fish for Burrito, too.

  • Teriyaki Vegan Burger 1280 yen (with Today’s Soup and French Fries)

The ketchup(tomato sauce) is homemade by the cafe.

They also have vegan fish burger with homemade special sauce.

  • Vegan Lasagna

Vegan Lasagna was available only during winter.

  • Vegan Cake made by Shizeninu 550 yen

Shizeninu is my favorite vegan cafe in Yomitan.

Shizeninu’s cake is delivered once a week and is soon sold out.

  • Small Cake and Drink Lunch 450 yen + Lunch

Rich vegan Chocolate Cake.

You can also have vegan and non vegan curry and taco rice.

Name : Rockers Cafe
Address : 沖縄県中頭郡北谷町美浜9-39 オークファッションビル2F / 9-39 Mihama Chatan Nakagami Okinawa
Phone : 098-923-4178
Facebook :
Vegan / Non Vegan / No Smoking / Free Parking / Terrace / Ocean View



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