Shove Ice Cafe near Zakimi Castle “Tsurukamedo Zenzai” / Yomitan, Okinawa

During long summer in Okinawa, we sometimes want to have Shove Ice with sweetened beans called “Zenzai”(ぜんざい).

“Tsurukamedo Zenzai” is one of the most famous Zenzai Cafe near Zakimi Castle which is a World Heritage Site.

There were some wedding couples taking photos in the castle.

A beautiful view from the top of the castle.

  • Matcha Milk Zenzai 380 yen

In other place in Japan, “Zenzai” is warm sweetened small red beans with “Mochi (Sticky Rice Cake)”.

But “Zenzai” in Okinawa is Shove Ice with sweetened kidney beans and “Shiratama”(Mochi Ball) inside.

The sweetened beans were a bit too sweet for me.

There are various kinds of shove ice with mango fruits, Red potatoes, Kahlua, blown sugar, ice cream and so on.

There were a table for about 6 people, 4~6 seats at counter and a small tatami room.

The cafe reminded me the Japanese former era “Showa era”.

A lady, the owner was friendly.

Name : Tsurukamedo Zenzai(鶴亀堂ぜんざい)
Address : 沖縄県中頭郡読谷村字座喜味248-1 / 248-1 Zakimi Yomitan Nagami Okinawa
Phone : 098-958-1353
Website :
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Non Vegan / Japanese Sweets / Shove Ice(Kakigori) / Free Parking for Zakimi Castle



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