Artistic Dishes & Nice View “Sara, il Gastro Sara” / Onnna, Okinawa

I visited “Sora” for lunch.

They serve natural and healthy European food with various local vegetables.

There are lunch menus from 1000 ~ 4500 yen.

I had a 4 dishes course for 3500 yen.

A great ocean view from our table.

Nasu family run this great restaurant, the husband and the son are chef and the wife does various work.

The wife, Ryoryo san was so friendly and nice that she made the atmosphere of the restaurant good and cheerful.

So colorful and pretty!

The potato soup was like a piece of art. Also the taste was delightful.

I chose a fish dish.

I loved the harmony of the fish, herb and vegetables.

My husband’s choice was a meat dish.

I enjoyed the different “YACHIMUN” pottery cups which were baked in Okinawa.

Cake assortment.

Name : Sara no ue no Shizen 皿の上の自然 il Gastro Sara
Address : 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村前兼久466-7
Phone : 098-987-7688
Website :
Non smoking / Non vegan / Card / Narural & Healthy European Food / Ocean View / Free Parking



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