Trip to Turtle Heaven “Aka Island” / Kerama Islands, Okinawa

I traveled to Aka Island which is one of Kerama Islands in Zamami.

The Kerama islands were designated as a national park in March 2014.

The island is famous for clean water, sea turtles, tropical fishes and beautiful corals in the ocean.

You can enjoy them even with snorkeling!

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Snorkeling Points

Nishibama Beach

You can enjoy the white beach and snorkeling with a school of tropical fishes there!

Aka Beach

No.1 Probability to meet sea turtles!

Walking distance from the Aka Port.

Although the beach doesn’t look as if there are beautiful fishes and corals, the world under the sea was unbelievable!

Hizushi Beach

You can enjoy colorful coral and fishes at the reef edge.

It is the best sunset spot in Aka island.

Kushibaru Beach

You can get there only by guest houses’ cars or rental bike.

This time unfortunately we could not find the way to get there.

However I heard it is the best transparency sea.

You can snorkel in the colorful coral reefs with a lot of beautiful fishes.


First, you have to book Ferry or Marine Liner from Tomari Port in Naha.

It takes about 1.5 hours by Ferry and 1 hour by Marine Liner from Tomari Port to Aka Island Port.

You can book either by call and by internet.

Transportation on Aka Island

On Aka island there is no car rental shops and taxis.

Only transportation is rental bikes, rental bicycles, guest houses’ cars and on foot.

Aka island’s life is inconvenient but very simple and ecological:)


On Aka island you can stay in “Minshuku(民宿)”, Divers’ B&B and small Hotels.

“Minshuku” is Japanese-style guest houses where people often have breakfast and dinner together in the same dinning room and share bathroom, bath tub and shower.

Hanamuro inter-islander’s HOTEL

We stayed in “Hanamuro inter-islander’s HOTEL” for 2 nights.

The room with a bathroom was not so big but clean and cozy.

Staffs were kind and friendly.

The meals were very good!

Name : Hanamuro inter-islander’s HOTEL
Address : 179 Aka, Zamami-son, Okinawa
Phone : 098-987-2301
Mobile : 090-6857-5430
Website :
Hotel / Breakfast & Dinner / No Smoking / Free WiFi / No Pick-Up from Aka Port / Free Shuttle to Nishibama Beach


There are not many choices of restaurants and No Vegan or Vegetarian-friendly restaurants on Aka island and Geruma island.

Also note that there is no air conditioners in most restaurants.

But we were very happy with all restaurants we visited.

Trattoria Bar Gerumagnon

We rent bicycles and rode on the bridge from Aka island to Geruma island.

As it was a sizzling hot day, we worked up a nice sweat as if we took a shower by we arrived at the restaurant!

The tables were outside and again there was no air conditioner, but we were O.K. with breeze.

  • Pasta Course 1500 yen

No MSG added and home-grown vegetables were very fresh.

We had a glass of sparkling wine included in the pasta set that made us totally happy:)

Name : Trattoria Bar Geruma(慶留間)gnon(トラットリアバル・ゲルマニヨン)
Address : 54 Geruma, Zamami-son, Okinawa / 沖縄県座間味村慶留間54
Phone : 098-987-2650
Mail :
Facebook :
Non Vegetarian / No Smoking / Reservation Required

Haana Cafe

Nice cafe outside.

It was a few minutes from Aka port and Hanamuro inter-islander’s HOTEL.

I enjoyed island’s shallots pizza.

Name : Haana Cafe(はぁなカフェ)
Address : 61 Aka Zamami-son, Okinawa / 沖縄県座間味村阿嘉61
Phone : 098-987-2104
Website :
Facebook :
Terrace Tables / No Smoking


“Parlor MIYAMA” is an Okinawan local food cafe.

All of us had Okinawa Soba.

You can have “Taco Rice”, “Curry Rice”, “Zenzai(Shaved Ice with sweeten red beans)” and so on.

Ocean view!

Name : Parlor MIYAMA
Address : 51 Aka, Zamami-son, Okinawa / 沖縄県島尻郡座間味村字阿嘉51
Phone : 098-987-3990
Pay First



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